Small Submarines for Large Yachts

No longer is the turbine powered helicopter the ultimate accoutrement for a megayacht. U.S. Submarines, Inc. offers you three different undersea vehicles designed to transport you and your guests on remarkable subsea journeys to depths of up to 300 meters all in perfect comfort and safety. Each of these three submarines were designed specifically to be launched and recovered from a large yacht. And, each vehicle is designed and built to the rigorous @A1 Manned Submersible classification standards of the American Bureau of Shipping.

Notably, each year over 1 million passengers dive aboard ABS classed manned submersibles and tourist submarines and the industry has a perfect safety record. So, whether you choose the incredibly sophisticated Discovery 1000, the small and elegant Triton 650 or the robust Explorer 1000, you can rest assured that you will be experiencing one of the safest forms of transportation known to man.

Expect Fascination

One of our unique luxury submarines is a passport to a new frontier. As an owner, you and your guests can journey to the silent depths of the sea and explore uncharted territory, or you can easily experience the fabulous abundance and diversity of life on a tropical coral reef.

With your submarine based aboard your yacht you will have the extraordinary opportunity to explore a myriad of subsea environments as you cruise and we have a special program to advise you as to where to go for the ultimate subsea experiences. The unbelievable profusion of lovely soft corals in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean. The splendid and dazzling profusion of reef fish in the South Pacific. The playful mammals of the wonderfully diverse Galapagos Islands. The crystal clear waters and mysterious shipwrecks of the Caribbean. The wonders of the subsea world are truly yours to experience.

Expect Luxury

All of our submarines have air conditioned one-atmosphere interiors, so regardless of how deep you dive you’ll enjoy shirtsleeve comfort at surface pressure. Rich leather seating and an excellent stereo system add to the luxury ambiance.

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2 to 10 passengers - 305 meter depth Discovery 1000
Starting at $1,200,000 USD
2 person - 200 meter depth Triton 650
Starting at $620,000 USD
2 person - 305 meter depth Explorer 1000
Starting at $460,000 USD

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