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I've been boating for about 20 years and began as a absolute beginner, I had "No clue" but had a yearning to learn. I've sailed with the Best and also the worst! The very first thing before We (my wife & I) bought a boat was to enroll in a safe boating class. Without asking embarassing questions, I learned enough to feel safer.
My point is that more boaters should do the same, or be made to, so the rest of us can at least not be as nervous about enjoying the sport we so love.
We ask if we license boaters, who will monitor them? Marine patrol of course, with added forces. How do we pay for it? With the fees for for license & registration along with safe boating courses that are fee'ed (the catch is you don't register a boat without a safe boating course license). Just like they do now, with "Motorcycles".
Remember the ocean is our last resource; use her, don't abuse her.

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