The Palmer Line Ships in Pensacola

Palmer Line Ship

In the 1950's Cuba was one of Pensacola's biggest trading partners. The Palmer Line ships ran weekly to Pensacola Port. This photo is of the first sailing of the "Barcelona" from Havana, Cuba to Pensacola. Mrs. Nickinson, of John A. Merritt Company, the Pensacola ship agent that represented the Palmer Line, recieved a new yellow convertible that was purchased from the Pensacola Buggy Works (the Chevrolet dealer) by the general manager for the ship line for achieving record amounts of cargo both imported and exported from Pensacola. The cargo carried to Mariel, Cuba from Pensacola were lumber, and almost every type of items according to E.P. (Ted) Nickinson Sr., Mrs. Nickinson's son. According to Ted General Electric was a large shipper on this Line.

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