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"Toby" Ward - Pensacola Tugboats in New York
S. J. Brown - Memories of Yesterday
S. J. Brown - A Backward Look at a Boat Called "Zeus"
Allen Cronengerg - U-boats in the Gulf: the Undersea War in 1942
James H. Chadwick - Decisions
Carl A. Brasseaux and H. Dickson Hoese - Close Encounter With a Creature "of the Finny Tribe": Louisiana's Sea Monster Sighting of 1856
George F. Pearce - Pensacola, the Deep-Water Harbor of the Gulf: Its Development, 1825-1930
Lewis N. Wynne and Carolyn J. Barnes - Still They Sail: Shipbuilding in Tampa During World War II.
The John Appleyard Agency, Inc. - John A. Merritt...... The Waterfront and Allied Services.
John Appleyard - "Captain Willis Greene Barrow and The Steamship Tarpon" - "The Tarpon's Adventures"

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