Recent Activity at the Port of Pensacola

Port Photo

The Commendencia Steet Slip lies just east of Jefferson Street. For years it lay partially filled in at the head and a danger to all vessels that ventured in too far due to the old tires, cables, rope, and who knows what else on the bottom from 100's of years ago. Indeed, Hurricane Fredrick beached a large paddlewheel steamer that was tied up along Jefferson Street in anticipation of renovation. It took 2 tugs and several cranes and winches to pull it out of there! By filling this area in the City will create more parking downtown (sorely needed!), and will beautify the waterfront in this area. The new bulkhead and walkways will tie in with the new City Marina which is just to the west.

The whitewashed belltower of Old Christ Church, which is located in the historic Seville Square area, can be seen in the background.

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