Pensacola Port Authority Board of Directors Front
Row, left to right D. Bagley, H. Davis, R. Kahn, W. D.
Bach (Chairman,), W. S. Duncan, C. L. Todd. Back
Row; C. C. Mertins, Jr., H. Rose, H. Dodenhoff, J.
Rosenbaum, R. L. Pulley.

This is book number 11 in a series which will be published as interest is evidenced until we have published the collection of over 3,000 pictures from the T. T. Went- worth, Jr. collection of Floridians which is the largest private collection in existence, now in the T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Museum. This book is available at 25c per copy, post paid. Books number 1, through 10 are also available at 25c per copy, post paid, except no. 8 and 10 which are 50 cents each.

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