In Memoriam - Remember the Maine!

The Maine


The above photo is that of a lithograph published in 1898. The original painting is by F.N. Atwood and was painted in 1895. It belonged to Brigadier General H. A. Wheeler.

The original is believed to have hung in the White House during Hardings Presidency. If anyone knows of its present location Mr. Alan Smith of Hong Kong would like to know about it. The Artist was his wife's Great Great Grandfather. His e-mail address is: Alan Smith

In honor of the 100th Aniversary of the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, the members of Pensacola's Company "H", First Regiment, Florida volunteer army are listed below to salute them for their willingness to fight for their country. This Company was orginally organized at Pensacola, Fla, May, 1872 as Escambia Rifles, Co.A.,3rd Bat. F. S. T. and was mustered into the United States Service at Tampa, Fla., May 23, 1898.

Company H First Regiment Florida Volunteer Infantry

Privates Company Officers Privates
Abt, Peter
Avery, Charles
Barrow, Robert
Baggett, Samuel
Bell, B.L.
Bonifay, H.R.
Bradford, R.
Brash, M.
Brooks, Leslie E.
Brown, Henry
Bryant, R. H.
Campbell, R.
Chestnut, C. C.
Cooley, S. R.
Cumberworth, T. E. A.
Carpenter, John
D'Alemberte, H. T.
Daly, M. J.
DeVaux, Gordon
Dyckman, H. J.
Dortch, J. W.
Edmonson, J. D.
Fariss, Hugh
Fannin, E. A. *
Fenn, Charles
Ferguson, J. E.
Floyd, C. H. B.
Foster, Edward
Goodger, Frank
Goodman, John
Hahn, Lloyd
Higham, C. F.
Hare, John
Hardwick, L.
Harkwich, William
Hartsfield, John
Hoppe, Otto C.
Holt, William H.
Huckabay, G. F.
Hurst, Thomas
Hutchinson, W. J.
Irwin, John
Knickmeyer, A.
Lanier, Floyd
Lovelace, A.
Lovelace, John
Lowery, Joel
Lynch, George
Captain Richard M. Bushnell
1st Lieut R. Watson Cobb
2nd Lieut J. Whiting Heyer


1st Sgt E. A. Moreno
QM H. W. Daugherty
Robert B. Hargis
F. M. Whiting
J. T. Maxon
Max J. Heinberg


G. O. Brosnaham, Jr.
E. Gale Bonifay
Joe R. Martinez
Stephen Lee
J. P. Barry
William Farley


Charles M. Hutchins
George Peck


Charles McGinnis


Edson Way

Charles P. Lovell
Colonel Commanding

Littlefield, W. H.
McLean, Wells
McMullen, T.
Mann, John
Martin, Frank
Martinez, Charles
Meinck, John
Miller, Charles
Miller, N. M.
Mitchell, B. L.
Mitchell, R. J.
Mitchell, S. F.
Morris, George
Nash, J. F.
Nelson, Oscar
Newell, B.
Nyman, G.
Owen, E. W.
Owen, J. E.
Pearl, W. E.
Perkins, H. M. *
Price, H. M. *
Peters, O. D.
Peterson, Theo
Pierce, Albert
Pope, Henry
Power, John A.
Quina, Robert S.
Rice, S. E.
Riera, Halcott
Richburg, J. D.
Sawyer, William
Shackleford, E.
Shaw, Henry
Steele, J. A.
Shepard, Daniel
Shuttleworth, D. D.
Sincock, Frank
Spencer, C. A.
Toleman, T. B.
Van Dam, J. B. *
Widmeyer, Chris
Webb, M. J.
Williams, W. K.
Wood, J. W.
Wood, Thomas M.
Wilson, Arthur
[* denotes transfered
to Hospital Corps]

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