The following rules were included in a letter mailed by Michael Smith - Co-Chairman, to Bayou Texar residents concerning the 1998 U.S. Open Water Ski and Wakeboard Championships which were held June 19,20, & 21, 1998 at Bayview Park on Bayou Texar in Pensacola, Florida. These are rules that he considered Basic and necessary when skiers share crowded waters.

As Bayou Texar becomes more crowded with boat traffic, it also becomes more dangerous. However, if we all try to follow a few basic safety rules and if we are all courteous to others, then we can continue to enjoy safe fun on the bayou.

  1. Please keep a safe distance between your boat or jet ski and other boats, skiers, and docks. If you play chicken with another boat or a dock, you may lose.

  2. Never tailgate a skier, wakeboarder, or tuber with your boat or jet ski. Please try to stay way behind any boat in front of you. Violation of this rule can be fatal!

  3. Boat drivers should always pay attention to whatever is going on in front of their boats. Your observer should watch the skier at all times.

  4. Promptly return to a fallen skier. Approach your fallen skier from the driver's side of your boat. Fallen skiers should hold their skis up to help boaters see them.

  5. Always look before you turn.

  6. Please avoid excessive speed in crowded conditions.

  7. Always maintain control of your boat.

  8. All skiers should wear flotation vests.

  9. Skiers like calm water. Please try to avoid creating unnecessary boat or jet ski wake.

  10. Never ski or operate a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  11. Please be courteous and respect the rights of others.


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