An Accident at Sea can ruin your whole day!

Top Ten Reasons Why the Crew May
Want to Throw You Overboard

The following article was written by David Yuskaitis and appeared in the March 1998 issue of Workboat Magazine. This Magazine is primarily focused on the tug, barge and oil patch industries. This article is addressed to those in the Workboat industry who usually have to work, eat and sleep in very close quarters for extended periods of time. These words of wisdom can equally apply to many other situations where folks may start to get "cabin fever."

  1. Busting Chops. If you like koing that, become a butcher.
  2. Habitual crew-changing. Stop making excuses and show up.
  3. Not bringing your own newspaper on board. It's only 35 cents.
  4. Monday-moring quarterbacking. Don't critique others after the fact.
  5. Smoking without regard for others. Ask first, please.
  6. Leaving the boat looking like it went through World War III. Pick up after yourself.
  7. Not respecting other's privacy. Small boats have few places to hide.
  8. Being a mighty-mouth. Loud is fine for ball games.
  9. Constant doomsaying. Leave the black cloud at home.
  10. Not making coffee for the next watch. Enough said.

To simplify things further, study and memorize the following equation: Confined Space + Diverse Personalities - Mother = Boat Living. Speaking of Mom, she was right when she said, "Treat others as you would want them to treat you."

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