Pensacola's Mariners

Frank Welles, Jr.

Frank Everett "Junie" Welles

Born Pensacola October 21, 1917. Died August 21, 1983.

Frank "Junie" Welles graduated from Pensacola High School, Marion Military Institute and Univ. of Florida, where he played varsity football and golf. Golf and watersports were life long hobbies.

In 1944 Frank joined the Air Force, was commissioned a lieutenant and flew missions over Germany, France and England. After the war he returned to work with his family at E. E. Saunders Company, which was founded in the 1880's by Junie's grandfather, Capt. Thomas Everett Welles, and Capt. E. E. Saunders. Capt. Welles brought fishing smacks from his home in old Mystic, CT, and Pensacola became the "snapper fishing capital of the world." Junie served as President of E. E. Saunders Co. until he became President of Muldon Ford Co.

He was a member of St. John's Episcopal Church and was very active in many civic organizations.

He is survived by his wife, the former Betty Weiss of Mobile, Alabama, and 4 children.

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