Pensacola's Mariners

Eugene Edwin Saunders

Eugene Edwin Saunders

Born December 11, 1845. Died April 3, 1913.

E. E. Saunders was the organizer with Captain T. E. Welles of the firm E. E. Saunders and Company which has continued to present to be outstanding.

He was always interested in the sea and prior to his coming to Pensacola in 1868 he had gone to sea on a freight schooner out of Pensacola.

He came to Pensacola on the Schooner Fannie Fern of which he was the owner and master. He later built the Schooner Ajax, which was for many years the largest and fastest vessel on the Gulf Coast.

He owned Palafox Wharf and much other valuable property in Pensacola.

He married Miss Harriet Nichols January 13, 1875 in Tower Hill, R.I. He was a member of the Elks and Masons.

This biographical sketch first appeared in T. T. Wentworth's They Were Here booklet number 10. published by the T. T. Wentworth Jr. Museum, Pensacola in 1967.

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