Pensacola's Mariners

Captain Alex Zelius

Captain Alex Zelius

Born May 20, 1859. Died August 21, 1926.

Captain Alex Zelius was among the best known Ship Chandlers of the City. He was Vice-consul of the Kingdom of Norway and also for the Kingdom of Holland. He served Pensacola without pay as chairman of the Board of Public Works under Mayor Chas. H. Bliss. He also served as City Judge.

He was a charter member of the Pensacola Yacht Club and of the Knight of Pythias Lodge.

During his time Alex Zelius' name was most prominent and well known to the people of this section. He was truly a Good Citizen.

This biographical sketch first appeared in T. T. Wentworth's They Were Here booklet number 8. published by the T. T. Wentworth Jr. Museum, Pensacola in 1966.

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