Pensacola's Mariners

Asa Lee Ward

Asa Lee Ward

Born May 12, 1874. Died January 2, 1961.

Asa Lee Ward was a log scaler for Southern States Lumber Company and was also a farmer. Later he was with the Frisco Railroad, Bruce Dry Docks during World War I and Pensacola Shipbuilding Company.

Married Ella Johnson October 5th, 1895 having 4 sons and 4 daughters. Robert Reynalds, Andrew Franklin, Trammel J. and Willard Nolen, Irene, Artie Lee, Ola and FLorrie.

This biographical sketch first appeared in T. T. Wentworth's They Were Here booklet number 8. published by the T. T. Wentworth Jr. Museum, Pensacola in 1966.

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